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Click on the videos below to watch some of my concert video recordings. Or click here to go to my YouTube site for the full archive.

Sunday evening on Feb 4th Allysen Callery entertained us with her lilting voice and unfeigned lyrics in the bistro at Norfolk’s Infinity Music Hall. Listening to her original music and finger style guitar was a pleasing way to spend this winter evening.

Rock, soul, roots & blues can begin to describe the great concert put on by Dana Fuchs at the Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk on Jan. 31, 2019. This video is of her opening song “Ready to Ride” (Sorry for the temporary “out of focus” from 2:37 to 3:30).

This video is from the Adam Ezra Group’s Concert at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT on Jan 5, 2018.

Adam Ezra Group at Infinity Hall Norfolk on Jan.5, 2019. This last song (I believe I have the name right, correct me if I’m wrong) from the stage was performed unplugged, relying only on the natural acoustics of this great old Norfolk, CT venue.

Plywood Cowboys at Infinity Hall Norfolk on Jan.4, 2018. Here we have two songs, “Take Me On Back” & “Redbone Religion”. One review describes their music here well ..”take yourself back to the days of dusty country roads, carefree summers and your radio tuned to music that was soulful and authentic”. Perfect description for the music of Plywood Cowboys. Band Members: Steve Dedman – Keyboard, guitar, vocals Kat Wallace – Violin, vocals Austin Gray – Lead Guitar, vocals Shane Tanner – Bass Guitar Emmet Hale – Drums

Great show put on by Plywood Cowboys at Infinity Hall Norfolk on January 4, 2018. Sound Waves Magazine accurately describes their music as “steeped in tradition with lyrics full of longing, truth and heart”.

Sierra Hull Performance at Infinity Hall Norfolk – April 8, 2018; Sierra Hull – Mandolins & Vocals, Ethan Jodziewicz on bass, Wes Corbett on banjo

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